White Undermount Kitchen Sink

Start by selecting the white undermount kitchen sink, you will use in your installation. Choose one that will match your kitchen, which in most cases will be a stainless steel model. This will be the choice because it is the easiest to install as well as the most popular design. Measure the sink must be installed in your granite countertop. Be sure to get accurate measurements, you will not be able to shrink the gap that you will be cutting if it is too large. Make sure you know where the sink will so you do not place granite tile over the hole.

Elegant White Undermount Kitchen Sink

Install the tile you have chosen at the white undermount kitchen sink using the appropriate adhesive material to hold the tile in place. You will use a wet saw or tile cutter to get the pieces to fit perfectly on your countertop. Using an angle grinder to grind the edges of the tiles.

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Use the clip that came with the sink to help with the installation. You will want another person to be under the sink holds it in place as you install the white undermount kitchen sink and cut to ensure a tight fit, as well as to ensure the sink is in place under the granite countertop. Be sure to use a seal around the edge of the sink to prevent leaks and possibly break the tabletop.

11 White Undermount Kitchen Sink Photos

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