To Upholstery Double Chaise Lounge


To upholstery double chaise lounge first thing to do is remove the pieces of fabric above, section by section. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the staples away from the wooden frame of the chair. Replace any framework, batting or foam upholstery, as needed. Before application of new material, make sure your chair is filled and well formed. Use spray adhesive to glue the foam to the structure of the chair, as needed. Apply a second layer of spray adhesive to the top of the foam to maintain its cotton wadding in place before the frame stapling batting.

Place a piece of muslin over the area you want to recover. Draw the shape of the area you want to re-cover. Add an inch around all sides of the compensation before cutting its workforce replacement fabric of double chaise lounge. Place the original templates muslin or fabric on its new fabric upholstery. Trace the outline of the templates directly on upholstery fabric or pin in place with pins. Cut along your pattern to create their pieces of cloth. Place the fabric over the area you want to re-cover. Pull the fabric taut toward the bottom of the carriage. Staple fabric parts directly to the bottom of the wooden frame of double chaise lounge.


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