To Remove Kitchen Sinks Undermount

While many kitchen sinks are lowered to the kitchen table and held in place by the edge of the sink, the kitchen sinks undermount, as the name suggests, secured from under the counter. To remove an undermount sink is a little more challenging than a traditional sink because you need to lower the sink from the kitchen table, rather than lifting the washing out of the counter. The key to remove an undermount sink is to support the weight of the sink when removing it. Turn off the hot and cold water supply lines under the counter. Note that the two oval handles protrude from the wall. These are the water supply valves. Rotate the handles to their extreme clockwise position to turn them off.

Kitchen Sinks Undermount Minimalist

Place a bucket under the drain trap. Water trap, the curved portion of the tube that connects the kitchen sinks undermount drain pipe to the pipe projecting from the wall. Note that the ends of the trap has two large nuts, known as slip nuts. Turn the slip nuts counterclockwise with a wrench until nuts disconnect from the pipes, then slide the nuts from the end of the trap. Pulling trap down until it is released from the pipes and let the water flow into the bucket. Remove the water supply pipe from the underside of the faucet. As with siphon, delivering both ends of the two tubes feature an integral nut called a compression nut. Loosen the nut, the coupling and pulling the lines from the sink in the same manner used to remove the water trap slip nuts.

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Take garbage disposal from the sink, the kitchen sinks undermount is fitted with a trustee. Unplug they manage the power supply is interrupted. Removing rubber water supply line from the top of one side of the manager. This hose is secured to manage with a metal clip that features a screw. Turn the screw counterclockwise with a screwdriver to loosen the clamp, then pull hose from the manager. Disconnect the water supply pipe from the side of the manager.

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