The Advantages Of Single Basin Kitchen Sink

There are two main types of kitchen sinks: double and single basin kitchen sink. Double sinks bowl and add a second separate compartment, which may the same size or smaller than the main basin. Some homeowners find useful this second sink, but there are some good reasons to opt for the simplicity of a single-basin sink. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of both before installing a new kitchen sink. One of the biggest advantages of having a single basin sink is the extra counter space that offers design. Most double basin sinks are larger as a version of a single basin, which occupies valuable counter space that might otherwise be available for food preparation or storage of small home appliances.

Modern Single Basin Kitchen Sink

In some cases, a single basin kitchen sink may be a better option because of the problems posed by existing cabinets or accessories. Remodeling a kitchen is much easier if you can simply replace the existing sink with a new sink a similar size. Installing a larger double sink basin will mean adding new pipes and may require removal of existing cabinets.

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Although most single basin kitchen sink are smaller than double basin versions, the actual volume of the only basin could actually be more than the volume of any individual basin at the double-bowl sink. This can be useful when soaking a large pot, pot or other specialty cooking device such as a wok or pan, as being able to immerse all the cookware can make faster and less messy cleaning.

11 The Advantages Of Single Basin Kitchen Sink Photos

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