Safety Of Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heaters – provide a safe heat source under most circumstances, but they can cause a fire if they are not in good shape or badly used. These ovens are fine for home use, if you take the necessary precautions to maintain them and keep them clear of potentially flammable items. Keep all electrical cords from electric baseboard heaters. Sometimes water heaters placed near electrical outlets. Arrange items so wires put into these stores do not touch heaters and is not in the way of warmth. A damaged electrical cord can set off a blaze, and you might not even realize the cord is unsafe until it starts a fire.

Electric Baseboard Heaters Ideas

Baseboard heaters generate enough heat to ignite combustible materials too close to them. This includes common household items like curtains, upholstered furniture and bedding and paper items like newspapers and magazines. Check the area around your electric baseboard heaters regularly for potentially ignitable items that are close to or touching heaters, and move them immediately. Warn other household members not to leave anything in the near heaters, and look for items that accidentally fall into a dangerous position.

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Never block the flow of heat from your electric baseboard heaters. This reduces their effectiveness because heat can circulate in your living room, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Position such as furniture so heat to radiate safely into the room. Obstacles blocking this flow can ignite if they get too hot.

11 Safety Of Electric Baseboard Heaters Photos

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