Replace A Sprayer Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

Kitchen sink soap dispenser – The kitchen sink sprayer, also known as a plant sprayer, located on the upper side of the sink faucet. If not used or broken, you can remove and use the hole by installing a soap dispenser. This eliminates the clutter of having soap dispensers at its counter. The process involves simply disconnect the sink spray faucet and screw the soap dispenser in place.

Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser Design

Open hot and cold water under the kitchen sink soap dispenser turning the buttons to the right until the end. Open the faucet to let the water remaining in the lines. Unscrew the hose from the valve under the sink using adjustable pliers. Remove the sink sprayer up and away from the sink, pulling the loose hose out through the same hole. Wipe the edges of the hole with a damp cloth.

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Push the threaded end of the reservoir to the soap dispenser hole. Screw the threaded ring on the kitchen sink soap dispenser end of the container to hold it in place. Pour your choice of soap in the tank until it is full. Lower the pump into the tank and screw in place until firm.

11 Replace A Sprayer Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser Photos

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