Make A Creative Diy Dry Erase Board


Diy dry erase board – To make a creative diy dry erase board, steps one is embark long pieces next to each other. Use drill and wood screws to attach a 24-inch-long 2 of 2 along the bottom of each plywood sheet. Measure 24 inches up from the bottom and use the drill to attach a 2 by 2 table as support for toy box front and back. Do this on both side pieces.

Two steps to make a creative diy dry erase board, attach additional 2 of 2 tables along the top pieces in the same way using three screws. Use the measuring tape to find a spot 12 inches down from the top of the plywood none and mark it with a pencil and then measure down 12 more inches and mark with a pencil. Repeat this on the other plywood none. Three, Use a spirit level and a pencil to mark a straight line on each of the locations you marked in step two. Use uand wood screws to attach 24-inch-long 2 of 2 boards along those lines. This is your shelf supports.

Four, turn one of the plywood side pieces against a wall with two by two boards facing inward. The wall will support it while you work. Place one of the 24 with 36 boards on top of the 2 by 2 tables along the bottom and attach it to 2 of 2 using the drill and wood screws. Five, Attach the other side piece in the same way using an electric drill and wood screws. Lats, add the work gently and use drill and wood screws to attach a 24 by 36 board to the top by putting crews through the upper rail in two by two sideboards. Your diy dry erase board finished.

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