Laundry Room Utility Sink Ideas

When it comes to putting together a laundry room utility sink, you may be tempted to simply set your washer and dryer and leave it at that. In a small laundry room or one that is housed in a hollow, which may be all that can be accommodated. However, if you have more space, add accessories and other items of furniture for the space can actually make life easier and more convenient laundry. There are many options to increase the functionality of space, so let your laundry habits decide which are best for your home.

Deep Laundry Room Utility Sink

A utility sink can be a convenient addition to your laundry room utility sink. Allows hand wash items that require a gentler cleaning just off normal clothing, or soak heavily soiled like sports or work uniforms. If you plan to use your laundry room for multiple purposes, you can also use the sink for plants in pots or other projects.

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Wardrobes can provide plenty of storage for your laundry supplies, but they are also an ideal solution for your laundry room utility sink option if you want to hide your front loading washer and dryer completely. Use the bottom of the cabinets to house the equipment so that it can close the closet doors when not in use and open for easy access whenever you need to do a load. The top may consist of additional cabinets and shelves for detergent stain treatments, fabric softener and other necessary supplies.

11 Laundry Room Utility Sink Ideas Photos

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