Install Bamboo Roman Shades For Soft And Romantic Looks

Bamboo roman shades were named after a similar item used in Roman times. These blinds have different folds that can add luxury and elegance to your home. Screens are pulled closed or opened by a system of pulling wires. A shadow roll up into horizontal folds of fabric is prepared manually to allow sunlight in space.

Bamboo Roman Shades Color

Two types of bamboo roman shades are available: classic and flat, and their difference is way they look when blinds are closed. A horizontal gusset shows an overlap with classical Roman shades, and flat roman shades appear flat and smooth when they are closed. Both varieties available in several colors and fabrics.

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Install bamboo roman shades in your bathroom windows for a soft, romantic look. With fluttering fabric folds give Roman shades lighting along with privacy. A conduction mechanism pulls Roman shades up and down. Coordinate Roman shades with existing colors in room, such as wall paint color or floor and bathroom tiles color. A print fabric in a Roman shade combines colors present in towels and maybe also matches a shower curtain or wallpaper. Consider lining a Roman shade with blackout liner for ultimate in privacy. Choose waterproof fabric to withstand wear and tear.

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