Install A Rectangular Vessel Sink

Rectangular vessel sink – Concrete counter tops and rectangular vessel sink are components of modern bathroom design. Concrete is one of the newest materials used for counters for its durability and endless customization. The counter can be made with all sink cutouts, including the small drain hole required for a rectangular vessel sink. Vessel sinks are made to sit on and a counter, rather than sink into them. For this reason, they are mounted by the kitchen table has been linked to vanity.

Modern Rectangular Vessel Sink

Raise the rectangular vessel sink onto concrete counter and line it up with the drain hole. Check the alignment of the sink with the rest of the disc, square or rectangular containers should run parallel to the counter edge, the free-form vessels be placed in the most comfortable way. Run a dust cloth over the concrete around the sink hole to remove any dust or debris that could interfere with the seal of the sink.

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Lift rectangular vessel sink back of vanity; line it up, and lowering it over the drain hole. Make sure the drain holes of the sink and counter line up perfectly. Apply a small amount of silicone on the back of the drain and lower it down through the drainage holes. Push it on the bottom of the sink and use a wrench under the counter to hook up the drain to drain pipe.

11 Install A Rectangular Vessel Sink Photos

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