Ideas For Hanging Wire Shelving Units

Wire shelving units – Installing wire shelving units in a closet can help eliminate wasted time looking for items and may also provide additional storage space inside the closet. Many companies produce closet organizers and made specifically designed to maximize closet space in a fraction of the cost of the units made wood. This causes the wire shelving units an economical way to organize closet space. Fixing wire shelving units concrete requires some basic tools and should take less than an hour to complete.

Wire Shelving Units For Closet

Hanging wire shelving units, using a tape measure, measure the length of the back wall of the cabinet to determine how long it will be the shelf.  Cut the shelf to the measured length using a hacksaw or bolt cutters.  Using a pencil and tape measure, mark the height of the platform in several different places along the back wall of the closet.

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Hanging wire shelving units, Mark the bracket locations along the marked line. Place the first support against the wall in place of location and mark the positions of mounting bracket on the wall with a pencil. Repeat this step for the remaining brackets. With a masonry bit 1/4 inch drill a whole 1 inch deep in each of the locations of the mounting holes. Place the rack in brackets according to the recommended Manufacturing method. Repeat the above steps for any additional shelves.

11 Ideas For Hanging Wire Shelving Units Photos

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