Ideas For Modern Pedestal Sink Base

A modern pedestal sink is a toilet that sits on top of a high base. Normally found in powder rooms, pedestal sinks save space and is inexpensive compared to other types of toilets. A pedestal sink is just one of many elements to consider when designing your bathroom, and they can present some challenges, such as lack of storage space bathroom necessities, such as cleaning and personal care products.

Modern Pedestal Sink Remodel

There is more variety on modern pedestal sink than the traditional white model. Pedestal sinks now come in a wide variety of designs, from an elegant marbled look to a funky modern design, in addition to the rest of your decor. Even plain white models come in many different styles – from those with clean, modern lines to those with more traditional details. Take your overall theme in mind when choosing a pedestal sink.

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Wrap a flower garland around the modern pedestal sink, starting from the back, working up to the top where the pedestal attaches bowl. Garland tape at the beginning and the end, to be sure the tape completely hidden on the back side of the sink. A hand-made or store-bought cover fabric attached to the outside of the top of the sink bowl provides a design element, as well as functionality.

11 Ideas For Modern Pedestal Sink Base Photos

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