Disadvantages Of Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Cast iron kitchen sink – If homeowners want a kitchen sink with color, so iron is the only option. However, cast iron sinks are not only an attractive choice for a home kitchen, but also an environmentally conscious one: many cast iron sinks boasts a core made of recycled or reclaimed iron. When putting together a cast iron sink, manufacturers are taking a heavy, solid iron core and cover it with porcelain enamel. The enamel is what we see and what gives sink its attractive colors. While the iron is very durable, but the enamel is less. Careless throw or drop heavy pans in the sink can chip the enamel, and abrasive cleaners will wear down the enamel.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink Style

If a cast iron kitchen sink enamel worn down or chips away, there is a serious risk of rust formed on the exposed iron. Cleaning rust is a time consuming process, and what is worse, repair of enamel, will not completely restore the integrity of the original, baked-on enamel coating. In other words, porcelain outside of the sink if gets damaged, then one of the biggest advantages of a cast iron sink, its appearance is lost

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Cast iron kitchen sink come in two varieties:. the drop-in sink that fits into the counter and uses the counter as aid and undermounting sink, built on a solid support under the sink. As the owners of cast iron cookware know, cast iron is close and pretty heavy, so support for a completely iron sink must be substantial. Some cabinets and counters may need to be significantly modified to accommodate the weight.

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