Design Of Set A Handheld Shower

Handheld shower head – A hand-held shower head offers many features not available in most fixed shower. Unlike a stationary head held shower head is attached to a hose typically 5 or 6 long that lets you keep your head in hand while bathing. Hand shower head usually have several configurations including water massage, jet and rain settings. Because the proper fit for each individual is a matter of personal preference, handheld shower head are easily adjustable.

Best Handheld Shower Head

How to set a handheld shower head, open the shower water. Determine the method of establishing the flow of water through the handheld shower head. Most portable models have a rotating ring around the water wells, and some models have a switch on the handle of the head.

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Set a handheld shower head, Turn the ring or handle selector to the right or left until you click to change the setting of the water flow. Continue rotating the ring or loop-selector to scroll through the settings of the water flow. When no more settings are available in a particular direction, the ring or handle selector does not turn. Some handheld shower head with images above each setting, indicating the flow pattern of water environment.

11 Design Of Set A Handheld Shower Photos

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