Changing The Colors Of A Cast Iron Bathtub

Cast iron bathtub – Old cast iron bathtubs are covered with porcelain that has been baked in. If you have an old porcelain bathtub is looking tired and dull, but the structure itself is in good shape, you may end up with a hot new simply refinishing the surface of the porcelain. You cannot use real china, and it will have to be baked, but his house repainted materials distributor will duplicate the look of the original porcelain. This is a good time to change the color of the bath to deep blue, dark green or some other color to modernize the look of it.

Tall Cast Iron Bathtub

Changing the colors of a cast iron bathtub, remove the faucet and other accessories with the screwdriver.  Brush engraved porcelain made ​​over the entire surface of the tub with his brush. Let it sit on the surface for 15 minutes. Rinse the brush well. The brightness should disappear from the surface of the tub. Fill a spray airless paint primer. Spray on a thin layer, light, keeping the sprayer moving at all times to avoid drips.

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Changing the colors of a cast iron bathtub, allow the primer to dry for four hours. Apply a second coat. Let dry 12 hours. Fill the sprayer with porcelain enamel paint color. Spray on a thin layer covering the entire surface. Sprinkle in a second layer. Let stand four hours. Repeat the process, using five fifty-six layers. Let the last dry film for 48 hours. Reassemble accessories.

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