Backyard Playground Equipment Tire Swing Ideas


Backyard playground equipment – The list of ideas for DIY backyard playground equipment are almost limitless, so base your choice on the cost, size and layout of your garden, whether you will fill the space or just use a small portion of what is available and, above all, what the kids want. Getting their feedback early and show them some designs will pique their interest, engage them in the process and allow them to participate in decisions.

Creating a traditional backyard playground equipment tire swing with an old, unopened tractor tires and a long length of strong rope. Pure tire with hot water from the soapy water and a sponge. Road-weary when clean and free from dirt with a measuring scale. Measure the distance between where you want the top of the deck to hang and an overhead support structure, such as a robust, overhanging branch. Cutting two rope of lengths at least double that distance, with little slack for knots.

Loop of rope branch so they are equally long. Drill four opposite holes in both flat sides of the tire using a hand drill. Thread four scratch ends through and tie to secure, double knots. Thanks your visiting and reading our post with backyard playground equipment tire swing ideas.

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